perche scegliere cosmetici naturali

_Why choose natural cosmetics?

Shampoo, shower gel, creams for the body, face and products for children’s hygiene. The choice is endless, but why choose natural cosmetics? The answers can be endless, but the main ones concern the value we give to ourselves and to the world in which we live.

Why choose natural cosmetics?

First of all because they are good for the person who uses them and the planet that lives. In fact, there are several scientific studies confirming the harmfulness of some substances contained in cosmetic municipalities. Last but not least, the one conducted by researchers at the University of California at Berkeley, according to which parabens could increase the risk of breast cancer, even at very small doses. Parabens, we remember, are preserved in various commonly used products, such as shampoos, creams and sun lotions.

Here then it becomes extremely important to learn to read product labels and rely only on companies that use natural ingredients, who have adopted a policy of transparency and honesty and who, like Essere, have a sustainable approach to production that is close to the principles of green chemistry.

All the active ingredients contained in natural cosmetics Essere are of plant origin and come from organic crops. All formulas are dermatologically tested and nickel tested, do not contain parabens, petrolatum, peg, sls, sles, silicones or synthetic dyes.

Essere is a line of natural cosmetics developed by Naturalmente. The line includes 18 natural products for the body and hair, including: shampoo, conditioner, cowash, body creams, face creams, micellar water and hand cleansers.

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