_Vanilla and coconut hair mask

Innovative and nourishing plant-based mask, recommended for damaged, treated, dry or dull hair. It penetrates deeply and protects the hair structure revitalising without weighing it down. It contains Jojoba oil and Soy proteins, which nourish and make the hair shine. Eucalyptus and Mint have beneficial properties for the scalp. The mask does not contain silicones and is free of petrolatum substances. The innovative plant-based substance used in the conditioning balm is obtained from the seed oil of the Moringa Oleifera, which is very biodegradable. It is recommended for the deep nourishment of hair which is stressed and lifeless from pollution, saltiness or chlorine. It detangles all types of hair.

Code base 10 : 978433934

Code base 32 : X53FWG