acqua micellare naturale

_Natural micellar water to be beautiful even without make-up

Thanks to the natural micellar water of Essere, you’ll be beautiful even without make-up.

The new formulation 100% natural, without preservatives, parabens or petrochemical ingredients, has been specifically designed to clean the face before and after makeup and make the skin (of any type) soft and hydrated. The ingredients contained – chamomile, calendula, sage and rosemary – have a soothing, anti-reddening and decongestant effect and allow a deep cleansing of the face, both to prepare the skin for makeup and to remove it without leaving residues. But not only.

Micellar water: a precious ally against smog and pollution

After a day spent in traffic and urban pollution, who wouldn’t want to get rid of smog and toxic substances? The latest discoveries in cosmetics say that micellar water is an excellent ally to remove pollution that clogs the pores of the skin and does not allow it to breathe. Hence the advice to use it not only as a make-up remover but also as a real treatment to preserve the premature aging of the skin.

Its appearance on the market dates back to the early 1980s when “heavy makeup” was particularly popular and women “exaggeratedly” colored their faces. A slow but unstoppable escalation that today has led many women to replace it with cleansing milk and tonic.

Its liquid consistency and transparent color make it look like water (hence its name) but this should not be misleading. Its effects on the skin are definitely different from a common water. This is thanks to the presence of micelles. The effect of these small particles is to bind to the impurities of the skin and attract them like magnets making their elimination easier.

In summary, the functionalities of natural micellar water are:

  1. – Deep cleansing of skin pores and removal of all residues of creams, make-up and pollutants.
  2. – Moisturizing the skin before applying makeup and after removing it.
  3. – Combined action of cleansing and tonic milk in a single product

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