_Natural cosmetic products for children: which to use and which is better to avoid

The skin of children presents different differences from that of adults.

We know this well and for this reason we have dedicated an entire line of natural cosmetic products for children:

  1. Soothing biological body cream for children for daily use
  2. Organic baby bath for children rich in plant extracts
  3. Organic shampoo for children enriched with vegetable surfactants derived from coconut oil and glucose.

From birth up to the age of twelve, children’s skin needs different cosmetics than those used in adolescence or adulthood. Children’s skin is physiologically different from that of adults, for two different reasons. First of all it does not produce sebum and is therefore drier, moreover it is thinner and more delicate and more exposed to external physical and chemical agents.

Up to twelve years of age, therefore, the choice of cosmetics to be used on children should be done by privileging the use of natural cosmetic products. It is important to apply simple and natural cosmetics to children ‘s skin and not to overuse them.

Natural cosmetics for the skin of newborns

In particular, when the baby is still a newborn, or at least until the diaper is worn, the skin should be cleaned with an organic cleansing milk. Not only that, after changing it is useful to apply a natural soothing cream that shields the skin. This is to avoid redness and itching and provide maximum protection. It is better to avoid creams containing silicones or ingredients of petrochemical origin. Our line for children is 100% natural from Italian organic farming, does not contain parabens or petroleum derivatives, is vegan free and is not tested on animals.

Moreover, thanks to this simple guide on how to read the label you can easily check the composition of our products and make your choice in a safe and conscious way.

Do you want more information on natural cosmetic products for children? Contact us. Our experts will be able to answer all your questions and provide you with all the information you need to make the best choice, for your child and for the Planet.