crema naturale antirughe

_Natural anti-wrinkle creams: from the age of 25 onwards, a key product for your skin

Cosmetics do not perform miracles, but natural anti-wrinkle creams contribute to slow down skin aging process. Nevertheless, this is only one of their great properties: their daily use hydrates and tonifies tissues, thus helping your skin to look fresher and younger-looking.

Time speeds up from the age of 25: cell metabolism slows down and tissues, adversely affected by this process, progressively lose elasticity and tone. This results in first expression lines and face and body wrinkles.

Although skin aging is a biological process, the use of natural anti-wrinkle cosmetics succeeds in slowing it down, reduces its visible effects and maintains a younger-looking appearance.

Expression lines: fight them with natural anti-age cosmetics

Decreased skin hydration and consequently loss of elasticity are among the first factors leading to the appearance of expression lines. Aging – take it or leave it – leads to a progressive slowing down of cell renewal and to a decrease in hydrolipidic film production, which gives rise to wrinkles, to dark spots on the skin and to other skin imperfections.

This is an irreversible process which can, however, be remedied through the constant use of a natural anti-aging skin protection.


Essere natural anti-wrinkle creams: go 100% organic!

Essere natural anti-wrinkle creams are 100% organic: they aim to slow down skin aging thanks to a mix of natural and plant essences and extracts, of organic origin.

Thanks to green tea extract, deriving from Camelia Sinensis plant, anti-aging green tea body milk has a specific antioxidant action. Yarrow, witch hazel, calendula and olive oil make it an excellent hydrating body cream with toning and antioxidant properties.

Similarly, Essere anti-wrinkle face cream is suitable for all skin types.  Due to sodium hyaluronate action, which holds water and prevents it from dispersing into the tissues, this cream has a filling effect on wrinkles.

Don’t miss your youth: prevent aging signs using Essere natural anti-wrinkle creams daily for your face and your body. If you need further information on Essere anti-aging products, don’t hesitate to contact us.