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A natural product is composed only of untreated natural ingredients that derive from an agriculture that respects the environment and whose extraction takes place with non-polluting methods and low environmental impact. Even their packs are biodegradable and therefore do not contain petroleum derivatives or other substances that could cause allergies or intolerances on the skin.

In a certified organic product, on the other hand, most of the natural ingredients come from organic farming, that is to say from an agricultural ecosistema in which the natural fertility of the soil is respected, chemical fertilizers are not used and biodiversity is promoted. Furthermore, a certified organic product does not contain any dyes or systetic fragrances, is free of PEG or PPG, has no parabens and is non-GMO. Added to this is a special attention to the pack that must be small, non-polluting and recyclable.

To be defined as such, organic cosmetics must comply with certain parameters, namely: they must contain at least 95% of natural ingredients and of natural origin, at least 20% of natural organic ingredients and at most 2% of additives to make it stable, the cosmetic product is functional and pleasant.

The percentage of natural ingredients from certified organic cultivation also includes the percentage of water present in the extract as long as it comes from an admitted physical process (eg distillation, hydration water, cold extraction using pressurized water, etc.)

Organic farming is an agricultural production system based on respect for life, biodiversity and natural cycles. It does not use synthetic chemicals such as pesticides, insecticides, fungicides or fertilizers.

Yes, they are all organic products certified by the Italian bodies AIAB, Vegana Quality and tested on heavy metals such as nickel, chromium and cobalt to ensure they are <0.00001.

In our opinion the cost of organic products is similar to the one of traditional perfumery products. The difference is all in the composition. The cost of natural ingredients, especially if certified organic, is definitely higher than synthetic ones as they derive from a process of cultivation, harvesting and processing that requires much more effort. Even the same organic raw materials have higher costs and lower yields than synthetic ones.

Added to this, the difficulty of formulating effective natural cosmetics for the cleaning of the scalp and skin as the almost absence of preservatives obliges the producers to use only the highest quality raw materials to guarantee the same results.

On the other hand, however, natural and organic products are very concentrated and it is sufficient to use very little quantity of product to obtain the same yield and duration of chemical products.

Many scientific studies have shown that human skin retains up to 60% of the substances with which it comes into contact. It has been shown that on average a woman from cosmetics and detergents absorbs up to 2 kg of chemical agents each year.

If we have to tell you the reason why we have chosen to produce only organic cosmetics it is simple: we want to use products that do not contain harmful substances, for us and for the environment, that create a film on the skin preventing it from breathing properly and causing impurities, imperfections, redness, sensitivity, etc.

The INCI, which stands for International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients, is nothing but the list of ingredients contained in cosmetics and expressed according to a standard nomenclature.

The INCI nomencaltura states that on the product label the Latin terms refer to the ingredients of vegetable derivation that have not undergone processes, while the English terms refer to substances that have undergone chemical intervention.

The dyes are always indicated at the bottom, with the initials C.I., which stands for color index, followed by an identification number. The list of ingredients is organized in descending order: in the first place we find the ingredient contained in higher percentage and gradually following the others, up to that contained in a lower percentage.

Don’t lose heart. Your hair is slowly “cleaning” of all those siliconic substances and petrochemical derivation that give the illusion of giving shine and softness while creating only a patina harmful to the health of hair and skin. During a few weeks of use, the initial sensation of poor hair cleansing will replace a greater cleanliness and well-being.

Being very concentrated organic products, it is important to use only a small amount and dilute them with water. There is no equal dilution ratio for everyone. It depends on the length and type of hair maintenance. We generally recommend diluting one part of shampoo in three equivalent parts of water, but after a few attempts everyone will find the most suitable formula for their hair.

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If the package has not arrived by the scheduled delivery date, try following these steps:

Check the tracking link, which lets you know the location of the package.

If the package has not arrived by the scheduled delivery date, try following these steps:

Check the tracking link, which let you know the location of the package.

Log in, go to the “My account” section and make sure the delivery address and contact information are correct. In particular, make sure that the surname on the intercom (if different from yours) is shown in the delivery address.

Check if the courier has left a notice of passage. Your order may in fact be at the courier’s depot, waiting to be picked up or a new delivery will be organized.

The goal of Essere is to offer safe and qualitatively impeccable cosmetics. For this reason, in the event that a product shows anomalies, we invite you to report it promptly by writing to our Customer Service ordini@essere.bio, specifying the type of defect found and sending a photo showing the problem. Customer Service will contact you to agree on how to refund or replace the product.

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