bagnoschiuma naturale idratante

_Essere natural bubble bath: hydrating bubble bath, suitable for all skin types

Several skin types, but only one natural bubble bath to take care of your skin in the best way. If your family has different skin types, why do you mind spending your money and your energy for finding suitable shower gels, instead of buying one natural hydrating and hypoallergenic shower gel suitable for all skin types?

Essere has formulated a 100% natural hydrating bubble bath with sweet fennel, lavender and yarrow extracts which guarantee a perfect body cleansing action, assure a total respect for skin’s natural PH and prevent skin irritation.


The history of natural bubble bath

Bubble bath has a very ancient history dating back to the Egyptian era. Its formulation was certainly not the one we know today, but the Egyptians had already understood that using natural oils and ointments succeeded in cleansing the skin.

Dating back to ancient Rome, soap was initially a mix of tallow and ashes. Shortly afterwards, olive oil was added to make the skin softer and more hydrated.


Natural bubble bath advantages

Taking a bath as well as a shower is considered an intimate moment in which a person washes off his/her daily efforts, cleansing his/her body and soul from those stress and pollution accumulated during the day. Hence the importance of choosing a natural product for frequent use to help people fulfil this sense of well-being.

Before buying any bubble bath or any kind of product in direct contact with your skin, it is essential to understand what it contains and which ingredients will be absorbed by your skin.

The main advantages of a natural bubble bath are:

  • Cleansing your skin gently, without triggering irritation or allergies
  • Hydrating your skin, thanks to the active ingredients contained in plants and flowers
  • Protecting your skin from external agents
  • Relaxing your mind, thanks to the essential oils of organic origin, contained in the ingredients

Traditional bubble baths and those normally found in large retailers’ stores often contain silicones and parabens which irritate the skin provoking intolerances and allergies, often difficult to be healed.

And you? Which bubble bath do you usually buy?

For further information on Essere natural hydrating bubble bath and other products of Essere line, don’t hesitate to contact us.