_How to wash your hair the right way?

How to wash your hair the right way? Who has never asked this question at least once? Unfortunately there is not only one right answer. How and how often should you wash your hair? It depends on your hair type and on the stress and pollution quantity to which it is subjected.

The only answer applying to everybody is: buying a natural shampoo.


Which natural shampoo?

Essere 100% natural and organic cosmetic line for body and hair care has created four specific shampoos to satisfy all cleaning needs for all hair types: oily, fine, brittle and damaged hair. They are formulated with plant extracts derived from organic crops, they are vegan and cruelty free. Essere natural shampoos are divided into:


Natural hydrating Shampoo

Natural elements such as Ylang Ylang and Mallow (malva) guarantee its deep hydrating action and Chamomile and Calendula soothe your scalp. It is a natural shampoo, particularly suitable for cleaning dry and stressed hair, but you can also apply it on all hair types.

Natural purifying shampoo

Ideal for those suffering from scalp itching, exfoliation or sebum excess production, especially during season changes. Thanks to Eucalyptus and Thyme extracts, it stimulates your scalp by promoting blood microcirculation, carrying oxygen to your hair and giving it new life. Ideal for oily hair and dandruff, it can be used on all hair types.

Natural volumizing shampoo

Perfect for thin or frizzy hair, this natural shampoo immediately increases hair volume thanks to Aloe and citrus fruits extracts.

Frequent use natural shampoo

Ideal for often hair washing (at least 3 times a week), this natural shampoo contains organic Chamomile and Aloe extracts that help maintain the correct scalp’s pH. Oats and Millet deeply cleanse and hydrate your hair. Suitable for all hair types.


Don’t you still know how to wash your hair the right way?

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_Essere natural bubble bath: hydrating bubble bath, suitable for all skin types

Several skin types, but only one natural bubble bath to take care of your skin in the best way. If your family has different skin types, why do you mind spending your money and your energy for finding suitable shower gels, instead of buying one natural hydrating and hypoallergenic shower gel suitable for all skin types?

Essere has formulated a 100% natural hydrating bubble bath with sweet fennel, lavender and yarrow extracts which guarantee a perfect body cleansing action, assure a total respect for skin’s natural PH and prevent skin irritation.


The history of natural bubble bath

Bubble bath has a very ancient history dating back to the Egyptian era. Its formulation was certainly not the one we know today, but the Egyptians had already understood that using natural oils and ointments succeeded in cleansing the skin.

Dating back to ancient Rome, soap was initially a mix of tallow and ashes. Shortly afterwards, olive oil was added to make the skin softer and more hydrated.


Natural bubble bath advantages

Taking a bath as well as a shower is considered an intimate moment in which a person washes off his/her daily efforts, cleansing his/her body and soul from those stress and pollution accumulated during the day. Hence the importance of choosing a natural product for frequent use to help people fulfil this sense of well-being.

Before buying any bubble bath or any kind of product in direct contact with your skin, it is essential to understand what it contains and which ingredients will be absorbed by your skin.

The main advantages of a natural bubble bath are:

  • Cleansing your skin gently, without triggering irritation or allergies
  • Hydrating your skin, thanks to the active ingredients contained in plants and flowers
  • Protecting your skin from external agents
  • Relaxing your mind, thanks to the essential oils of organic origin, contained in the ingredients

Traditional bubble baths and those normally found in large retailers’ stores often contain silicones and parabens which irritate the skin provoking intolerances and allergies, often difficult to be healed.

And you? Which bubble bath do you usually buy?

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_Natural anti-wrinkle creams: from the age of 25 onwards, a key product for your skin

Cosmetics do not perform miracles, but natural anti-wrinkle creams contribute to slow down skin aging process. Nevertheless, this is only one of their great properties: their daily use hydrates and tonifies tissues, thus helping your skin to look fresher and younger-looking.

Time speeds up from the age of 25: cell metabolism slows down and tissues, adversely affected by this process, progressively lose elasticity and tone. This results in first expression lines and face and body wrinkles.

Although skin aging is a biological process, the use of natural anti-wrinkle cosmetics succeeds in slowing it down, reduces its visible effects and maintains a younger-looking appearance.

Expression lines: fight them with natural anti-age cosmetics

Decreased skin hydration and consequently loss of elasticity are among the first factors leading to the appearance of expression lines. Aging – take it or leave it – leads to a progressive slowing down of cell renewal and to a decrease in hydrolipidic film production, which gives rise to wrinkles, to dark spots on the skin and to other skin imperfections.

This is an irreversible process which can, however, be remedied through the constant use of a natural anti-aging skin protection.


Essere natural anti-wrinkle creams: go 100% organic!

Essere natural anti-wrinkle creams are 100% organic: they aim to slow down skin aging thanks to a mix of natural and plant essences and extracts, of organic origin.

Thanks to green tea extract, deriving from Camelia Sinensis plant, anti-aging green tea body milk has a specific antioxidant action. Yarrow, witch hazel, calendula and olive oil make it an excellent hydrating body cream with toning and antioxidant properties.

Similarly, Essere anti-wrinkle face cream is suitable for all skin types.  Due to sodium hyaluronate action, which holds water and prevents it from dispersing into the tissues, this cream has a filling effect on wrinkles.

Don’t miss your youth: prevent aging signs using Essere natural anti-wrinkle creams daily for your face and your body. If you need further information on Essere anti-aging products, don’t hesitate to contact us.

_Natural micellar water to be beautiful even without make-up

Thanks to the natural micellar water of Essere, you’ll be beautiful even without make-up.

The new formulation 100% natural, without preservatives, parabens or petrochemical ingredients, has been specifically designed to clean the face before and after makeup and make the skin (of any type) soft and hydrated. The ingredients contained – chamomile, calendula, sage and rosemary – have a soothing, anti-reddening and decongestant effect and allow a deep cleansing of the face, both to prepare the skin for makeup and to remove it without leaving residues. But not only.

Micellar water: a precious ally against smog and pollution

After a day spent in traffic and urban pollution, who wouldn’t want to get rid of smog and toxic substances? The latest discoveries in cosmetics say that micellar water is an excellent ally to remove pollution that clogs the pores of the skin and does not allow it to breathe. Hence the advice to use it not only as a make-up remover but also as a real treatment to preserve the premature aging of the skin.

Its appearance on the market dates back to the early 1980s when “heavy makeup” was particularly popular and women “exaggeratedly” colored their faces. A slow but unstoppable escalation that today has led many women to replace it with cleansing milk and tonic.

Its liquid consistency and transparent color make it look like water (hence its name) but this should not be misleading. Its effects on the skin are definitely different from a common water. This is thanks to the presence of micelles. The effect of these small particles is to bind to the impurities of the skin and attract them like magnets making their elimination easier.

In summary, the functionalities of natural micellar water are:

  1. – Deep cleansing of skin pores and removal of all residues of creams, make-up and pollutants.
  2. – Moisturizing the skin before applying makeup and after removing it.
  3. – Combined action of cleansing and tonic milk in a single product

For any information on natural micellar water Essere, contact us.

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_Natural cosmetic products for children: which to use and which is better to avoid

The skin of children presents different differences from that of adults.

We know this well and for this reason we have dedicated an entire line of natural cosmetic products for children:

  1. Soothing biological body cream for children for daily use
  2. Organic baby bath for children rich in plant extracts
  3. Organic shampoo for children enriched with vegetable surfactants derived from coconut oil and glucose.

From birth up to the age of twelve, children’s skin needs different cosmetics than those used in adolescence or adulthood. Children’s skin is physiologically different from that of adults, for two different reasons. First of all it does not produce sebum and is therefore drier, moreover it is thinner and more delicate and more exposed to external physical and chemical agents.

Up to twelve years of age, therefore, the choice of cosmetics to be used on children should be done by privileging the use of natural cosmetic products. It is important to apply simple and natural cosmetics to children ‘s skin and not to overuse them.

Natural cosmetics for the skin of newborns

In particular, when the baby is still a newborn, or at least until the diaper is worn, the skin should be cleaned with an organic cleansing milk. Not only that, after changing it is useful to apply a natural soothing cream that shields the skin. This is to avoid redness and itching and provide maximum protection. It is better to avoid creams containing silicones or ingredients of petrochemical origin. Our line for children is 100% natural from Italian organic farming, does not contain parabens or petroleum derivatives, is vegan free and is not tested on animals.

Moreover, thanks to this simple guide on how to read the label you can easily check the composition of our products and make your choice in a safe and conscious way.

Do you want more information on natural cosmetic products for children? Contact us. Our experts will be able to answer all your questions and provide you with all the information you need to make the best choice, for your child and for the Planet.

_What is Inci? How to read it? If you know it you will never want to do without it again

Inci: if you know it, you read it the right way. It already happened to buy shampoo, bath shower or face and body cream without having the slightest idea of how they were made and how safe your skin was. If your choice is mainly based on the aesthetics of the package and the advertising you’ve seen on the TV, you’re probably buying commercial products that contain parabens and petroleum derivatives.

You are not the first and certainly you won’t be the last one. In this article we will help you make informed choices about your health and that of the planet.

One of the main tools to judge the goodness and nature of a cosmetic product is certainly the INCI. Literally “International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients” (International Nomenclature for Cosmetic Ingredients), INCI is a mandatory indication for manufacturers to be included on the product label. In this way the final consumer can make the best choice based on his needs.

However, it is often an advantage that is ignored by the user and people continue to make their purchases based on other criteria, ranging from the price to the advice of the seller, but also the advertising and the suggestion of a friend.

Very often indeed, purchases of products for beauty and cleansing of face and body are based on ignorance (in a good sense, mind you) of people on the subject, who risk spending their money for the purchase of cosmetics that are not only unsuitable for your skin, but are also unhealthy (if not carcinogenic) and polluting for the environment.

Fortunately, in recent years people are much more aware, conscious and attentive to what they use for the care and beauty of their body and hair.

Your INCI guide for reading the “good” ingredients of cosmetics

In this simple guide we will explain everything you need to know about INCI for cosmetic products and how to read labels to understand what you are putting on your skin. We advise you to read it carefully to never have more doubts and uncertainties when you will find yourself buying and using a cosmetic without risking being allergic or intolerant to any ingredient.

A cosmetic product can in fact contain harmful substances by law, but within certain limits that are considered “non-hazardous”. The concept is similar to that of cigarettes. Tobacco is not harmful itself, but many of the substances contained within cigarettes are. Yet they are sold the same. In fact on the packages there are always written the damages that these substances could cause, then it is up to the people to choose.

Cosmetics are not very different in this regard.

In them, in addition to the active ingredients, there are almost always other substances that can be irritating or even carcinogenic for some subjects. Especially if they are in particular physical conditions. In fact, substances derived from oil are often used to close the pores and are absorbed by the skin. The result? Redness, irritation and dermatitis.

Would you put petroleum on your skin?

You’ve probably already done it.

But thanks to a careful reading of the INCI you can easily identify harmful substances and make your choice. Here’s what and how to read the cosmetics label:

1) Pay attention to the order in which the ingredients are written. The ingredients must be indicated one after the other starting from the substance present in greater quantities and up to that in smaller quantities. In this way it will be easy to identify the percentage of possibly “harmful” substances that you are rubbing on your skin. But that is not all.

2) Language and numbering of ingredients on the label. When the substances are written with their own Latin name it means that they have been inserted without any chemical modification. Otherwise, the use of the English language and the numerical codes identify substances that are the result of chemical synthesis.

Essere Cosmetics are 100% natural and organic and are grown according to the rules of green chemistry, do not contain parabens or petroleum derivatives, are vegan free and are not tested on animals.

If you have any doubts and you want to investigate if a cosmetic ingredient that you read on the label is considered “good” or potentially harmful for the environment and for your skin, you can rely on the biodizionario in which more than 4000 cosmetic ingredients are listed according to the their level of acceptability.

Contact us for any inquiries regarding the INCI of the Essere products and we will be very happy to provide you with all the information necessary to make your choice.

_Natural cosmetics Essere bio have a new online storefront

The new e-commerce of natural cosmetics Essere Bio is online. A virtual store that in a few clicks becomes real and allows users to buy online all natural products for the care and health of body and hair of the line Essere Bio. Products that, by nature, respect the environment and are made with natural and organic ingredients obtained from biological cultures located in Tuscany, where Essere Bio experts work according to the principles that inspire green chemistry.

The structure of the new e-commerce of natural cosmetic products has been designed to allow visitors to immerse themselves in the green philosophy of Essere and to immediately understand the attention and care that the company puts in every stage of processing: from the procurement of materials first to the actual production that follows the latest news in terms of neuroscience and endocrinology.

_E-commerce of natural products: shop the nature

The heart of the new website is the shop section where the user can choose between the six molecular categories that give the name to the six lines of cosmetics: Oxytocin, Dopamine, Endorphin, Serotonin, Adrenaline and Gaba. Natural substances that our body naturally produces and activates in correspondence to certain sensations or situations and that are able to nourish body and mind, from outside to inside. The idea is that the visitor chooses the perfect cosmetic to match the feeling he wants to produce: happiness, serenity, affectivity, energy, calm, relaxation, etc. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body cream and baby performance line and “beneficial powers”.

A specific section of the site, however, was dedicated to the world of retailers with the dual purpose of providing information and services to those who have already chosen to follow the green ethics of Essere cosmetics and to expand the distribution network. Last but not least, the company has chosen to create a blog where the user will find all the news in Essere and updates on the world of bio and the ethics behind it. The e-commerce Essere has been developed to be full responsive and therefore easily navigable from any mobile device, smartphone and tablet. Good surfing.

_Why choose natural cosmetics?

Shampoo, shower gel, creams for the body, face and products for children’s hygiene. The choice is endless, but why choose natural cosmetics? The answers can be endless, but the main ones concern the value we give to ourselves and to the world in which we live.

Why choose natural cosmetics?

First of all because they are good for the person who uses them and the planet that lives. In fact, there are several scientific studies confirming the harmfulness of some substances contained in cosmetic municipalities. Last but not least, the one conducted by researchers at the University of California at Berkeley, according to which parabens could increase the risk of breast cancer, even at very small doses. Parabens, we remember, are preserved in various commonly used products, such as shampoos, creams and sun lotions.

Here then it becomes extremely important to learn to read product labels and rely only on companies that use natural ingredients, who have adopted a policy of transparency and honesty and who, like Essere, have a sustainable approach to production that is close to the principles of green chemistry.

All the active ingredients contained in natural cosmetics Essere are of plant origin and come from organic crops. All formulas are dermatologically tested and nickel tested, do not contain parabens, petrolatum, peg, sls, sles, silicones or synthetic dyes.

Essere is a line of natural cosmetics developed by Naturalmente. The line includes 18 natural products for the body and hair, including: shampoo, conditioner, cowash, body creams, face creams, micellar water and hand cleansers.

Discover all products Essere for body and hair care, buy them online or discover the retailer closest to you.

_The green chemistry of natural cosmetics Essere

If chemistry studies matter and its transformation, green chemistry, defined by IUPAC as “the invention, design and use of chemicals and processes to reduce or eliminate the use and production of hazardous substances” is born to promote and develop the research and industrial application of raw materials of plant origin. A way of thinking and acting green that Essere has at the base of its action and on which all the company’s development is based.

For several years, in fact, the growing attention to the protection of the environment and the health of those who live it and the predictions of the progressive depletion of hydrocarbon resources have led the most virtuous companies to abandon fossil fuels for the production of their assets and instead look at production systems and commercialize biodegradable, non-polluting and renewable products.

To better understand the scope of green chemistry it is useful to ask a question: is a sodium particle identical to another sodium particle? For a traditional chemist, two molecules of the same element are equal, for a green chemist no. Where does that molecule come from? How much energy has been consumed to produce it? How can I produce the same molecule using renewable resources of the territory, renewable energy, agricultural waste, and how much more do you get and can go back to the environment? These are the questions that the chemists asked themselves to be when they chose to “marry” the path of green chemistry for the development and marketing of natural cosmetic products for the health and beauty of body and hair.

We will tell you more, stay connected and if you want more information please contact us.