_The GREEN side of Chemistry

"Essere is a set of molecules that act to create natural cosmetic products that generate beauty and well-being"

ESSERE is the synergic project of a team of cosmetics professionals who strongly believes in innovation and creates natural beauty products dedicated to the care, cleanliness and health of the body and hair. Formulated exclusively in Italy and certified by the "Qualità Vegana" and "AIAB", the Essere products are composed of natural ingredients obtained from certified organic farming.

_What kind of molecule are you?

Essere created six packages of natural cosmetics for the body and hair dedicated to as many wellness molecules, with the aim of giving everyone the emotion they need. Choose yours!


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Stay up to date on all the news in Being and do not miss the opportunity to be naturally beautiful.

4 April 2019

Natural micellar water to be beautiful even without make-up

Thanks to the natural micellar water of Essere, you'll be beautiful even without make-up.

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28 March 2019

Natural cosmetic products for children: which to use and which is better to avoid

From birth up to the age of twelve, children's skin needs different cosmetics than those used in adolescence or adulthood.

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28 March 2019

What is Inci? How to read it? If you know it you will never want to do without it again

In this simple guide we will explain everything you need to know about INCI for cosmetic products and how to read labels to understand what you are putting on your skin.

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12 February 2019

Natural cosmetics Essere bio have a new online storefront

The new e-commerce of natural cosmetics Essere Bio is online. A virtual store that in just a few clicks.

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11 February 2019

Why choose natural cosmetics?

The main reasons for choosing natural cosmetics are the value we place on ourselves and the health of the world in which we live.

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5 November 2018

The green chemistry of natural cosmetics Essere

Discover the principles that govern the green chemistry of natural cosmetics Essere and let yourself be conquered by natural beauty.

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Qualità Vegana

I nostri cosmetici non contengono nessun derivato animale, inoltre sia ingredienti che prodotti finiti non sono testati sugli animali.


Abbiamo scelto il ramo della cosmesi di AIAB (Associazione Italiana Agricoltura Biologica) per garantire la provenienza biologica dei nostri ingredienti.

Nickel tested

Per assicurare la massima compatibilità con le pelli più sensibili, testiamo tutti i nostri lotti di produzione sui metalli pesanti come nickel, cromo e cobalto e ci assicuriamo che siano <0,00001.

Made in Italy

Shampoo, balsamo per capelli, bagnodoccia, latte corpo e cosmetici organici e naturali sono prodotti interamente in Italia.

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